Tuesday, January 10, 2012

www.Sunoco.accountonline.com - Manage Your Sunoco Credit Card Account Online

If you're a cardholder of Sunoco MasterCard, Sunoco Platinum MasterCard, Sunoco Rewards Card or Sunoco Card, you can now visit the website www.Sunoco.accountonline.com to manage your credit card account online anytime and anywhere you want.

With the system, you can pay your bills, and view the activities and statements online easily. To enjoy these services, you just need to simply register your card. Click here to register now!

If you have already registered, just log in with your User ID and password. Please note, if you have not accessed your account information in the past 18 months, please register again with a new User ID.

Access your Sunoco Credit Card account now!

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  1. Robin Sezna's Sunoco Citibank card was closed out sometime around december, 2010. The amount never went to the maximum of $400. Robin is terminally ill and filed bankruptcy on approximately December 20, 2010. Shortly before December 20, 2010, Robin and her husband William were served a summons claiming that they owed $12000. The amount is bewildering and frankly preposterous. Further a lean of approximately $12000 was put on Robin and Williams house in the preposterous amount of $12000, however they were never notified. Although they have placed close to 100 inquiries as to how and why the could possibly incur such a debt, they have never recieved an answer. There is immediate need for remortgaging the house, they have not recieved any response. Please respond ASAP. The lawyer who placed the lean is Rubin Rothman of Islandia, New York. Neither he nor his off have responded to inquiry.
    William and Robin Sezna

    P.S. please reply to biro60@charter.net