Monday, April 30, 2012 - Manage Your Maricopa Citi Prepaid Card Online

If you're an eligible claimant of Maricopa Student Refund Program, you will receive a Visa prepaid card offered by Citi bank to receive your payments.

Once you received the card, you can go online the website to manage your card account online. You can check your card balance, view your payment history and change your information any time you want.

Click here to manage your card now!

How to use the card:

Use it to shop almost anywhere online:

Shop at any website that accepts Visa debit cards.

Purchase amount cannot exceed your balance (e.g tax, shipping).

Enter your Visa virtual details at checkout.

If you're a first time user of this system, register your card now! You can also click here to view your balance and transactions in a hurry.

Have any questions, contact Citi Customer Service at 1-877-855-7201.

Maricopa Student Refund Program FAQs

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