Thursday, January 1, 2015 - ENTER to Win £1,000 with Wilkinson

If you've made a purchase at Wilkinson recently, you might get a sale receipt that includes a survey invitation. If you would like to participate in the Wilkinson Customer Satisfaction Survey, just go to the website and follow the instructions to complete it.

Once you complete the survey, you'll receive a chance to win £1,000 in a daily prize draw, plus you could instantly win an iPod.

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Please note: You should enter the receipt reference code found from the bottom of your receipt to start!

More Info about Wilkinson:

Want a dream home, come to Wikinson. Wikinson is a famous retailer chain of home furnishings and household goods. For many years, the company focuses on providing the most delicate and comfortable products. From inside furniture to outside living, you can find anything you need for a house. Products are categorized very well, and you can shop by different departments or rooms. The Shop Deal provides great products with unbelievable low prices. The high quality of the products and the wonderful customer service make it hard for you to leave. Where there is a wiklo, there is a way.


  1. My local Wilkinson branch is in Chester. Post code CH1 1HE.
    The prices and huge range of goods are the best in Chester.
    Till and shop floor staff are always very helpful and friendly but that is not true of all the till supervisors. I was in the store in the afternoon of 10/01/2013, when there was only two tills on and the staff giving excellent service to a queue of aprox five people each.
    I was waiting a few minutes and could see the supervisor and two members of staff standing at the customer service desk talking, so being in a hurry, left the queue and went to ask if I could pay at the customer service desk. They wouldn't serve me and the supervisor expected me to go back and queue up. I said that I had already been waiting a few minutes and the supervisor sent one of the two ladies to a third till.
    The thing was that the supervisor did not smile, did not appologise or give a reason why I could not be served at the customer service desk and in fact gave no real customer service.

  2. Bought two curtian rails and extra hooks this week only to find you no longer sell pencil pleat curtains. Had I known that at the time I would not have wasted my time drilling holes for rails. What is the point of selling rails when pencil pleat curtains are no longer available

  3. Bought a chandelier and othes items in Crawley, and we where impressed for its price and shape. When we fitted it in our home it matched with all our furniture perfectly. We also bought other things in that shop and we think that is the most well decorated and well displaied shop in that city. We come all the way from Croydon almost avery week and Wilko is the firt shop we visit . The staff is very helpfull and wellcoming that even if you dont by anithing is a very nice shop to visit.

  4. I went to Wilkinsons in Manchester Arndale Centre and was helped out by the most helpful assistant called Wilf. I have misplaced my receipt so cannot enter above but just wanted to note that he helped me find for I was looking for, gave me advice on if it was the right choice and then guided me to a quiet till.

    Very helpful, shame all shops dont employ people like WilF

  5. I love family dollar save alot of money Detroit Michigan

  6. this. morning i was in your crossgates leeds store,was intending to buy some curtians and cushion,went to help desk to get some help,but it must be my invisable day. one lady sammy doing cabinet,the other nicola stood there talking and chewing,ignoring me then just walking away and just leaving there,another came over, was so mad just left the store indisjust,went to chiltin mills and give them my money.l know this will be ignore and nothing will be do from the invisable customer

  7. Visiting the Pwllheli store is always a pleasure. The staff there are always friendly and helpful. Well done Wilco and thanks for excellent customer service.

  8. i shop in blackwood high street and love going in there staff they are always friendly and ready to help may I say keep up the good work blackwood excellent customer service . be going shortly and do some of my xmas shopping there .