Friday, August 2, 2013 - Enter to Get a TGI Fridays Free Appetizer

Receive a Customer Feedback Survey Invitation from TGI Fridays? If yes, just visit and participate in the survey, which will be enable to give a chance to get a Free Appetizer for your next visit.

How to enter the survey:

1. To start the survey, you should find out the 4-digit store number and  12 or 20-digit survey code from your receipt.

2. Then open the survey site link and enter the codes and your email address to start the survey.

3. Follow the instructions to answer the questions regarding your TGI Fridays experience.

Upon completion of the survey, you will be given a validation code. Just write it down on your receipt and take it to your local TGI Fridays to redeem the offer.

Please note, the offer is valid at participating stores only.


  1. Tried multiple times to enter survey code - would not take. Ink on receipt is not good and illegible in spots.

  2. I am still adamant and disgusted with managements decision to NOT EVEN RESPOND TO MY EMAILS. It is my opinion that the time for taking a survey in 48 hours after you visit the restaurant is totally ridiculous. We (the public) have jobs just like you do and important tasks to be completed. So, I have written (3rd time) to you to express my concerns where you have to visit and fill out a survey within 48 hours of your visit. I have requested that your CEO look at the possibility of changing the time to complete the survey within 48 hours to one (1) week. I assume thousands across the country would welcome such a change. It would not cost you any more $$$$$ because when people get an appetizer I would say they would order a beer or other drinks. Let's face it as it is a terrible way to run the ship when many are left out to sea!!! Since this is my third attempt to hear from the CEO, General Manager, or anyone with authority to explain why this is not feasible and in the best interest of Fridays'. I would certainly like an answer and your logic in allowing 48 hours as I am sure thousands across the country go home, go on trips, etc without hurrying home and fill out the survey after an enjoyable dinner at your restaurant. Next time I will write the Federal Government and explain my plight since it would not take you any more time to answer this request No. 3 than it would for me to fill out that crazy survey within 48 hours. Also while I am at it why not put email as one of the comment as block. My comment published by

  3. Love your Jack Daniels Burger. Also love the hospatality

  4. Was goodsevice