Enter Nutella Spife Instant Win Contest

Are you a lover of Nutella products? If yes, just go to your local grocery store and purchase a specially marked Nutella product, then you can find a PIN code that can be used to enter The Nutella Spife Instant Win Contest. You could have a chance to win a Nutella Spife (spoon and knife combined).

How to enter the Nutella Spife contest:

One you get your PIN, visit the website http://www.nutella.com/en/ca/spife and click on the “Enter Your PIN” button.

Then enter it and follow the instructions to fill out the entry form of the Nutella Spife Instant Win Contest.

When you finish all of these steps, click the “Check Your PIN” icon to see whether you are a potential winner a Spife Prize.

PRIZES: There will be 40,000 prizes available to be won.

Click here to enter the contest now!

Please note:

To enter & win, you must be a valid Costco member and legal resident of Canada who have reached the age of majority in the province or territory.

Limit of one Prize per person per household. You may only use one email address to enter the Contest. There is no limited number of unique PINs you may enter.

The contest ends October 31, 2016. Hurry up!!

Learn more rules from http://www.nutella.com/en/ca/spife!

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