Switch to T-Mobile and Submit for Reimbursement Online

Are you tired of your old mobile carrier by the contracts and phone payment plans? If yes, now there is a chance for you to make a change. Just switch your mobile carrier to T-Mobile, then you no longer need to sign a 2-year service contracts with the mobile carrier and get a guaranteed rate on your phone payment plan.

How to Switch to T-Mobile:

Trapped with the current mobile carrier, you are encouraged to switch it to T-Mobile in a few steps:

1. Transfer your current mobile phone numbers: Transfer your phone numbers immediately by dialing 611 or calling Customer Care at 1-877-453-1304.
2. Process your trade-in: Find out and accept the trade-in value of your current device within 14 days of your purchase.
3. Submit your final bill: When you receive your final bill from your current carrier with your Early Termination Fees request, please submit the bill to T-Mobile online with a image or by mail.

How to Submit for Reimbursement Online:

1. You must have activated a new line of service, financed or leased a new device(s), traded in your old device(s), and ported your number(s) when you activated a new account with qualifying service at T-Mobile.

2. Go to switch2tmobile.com to complete your reimbursement submission and upload a copy or image of your final bill or remaining device payments. Your final bill must reflect “contract termination fee”, “early termination fee (ETF)” or a device payment plan (financing) balance in good standing for each line requesting to be reimbursed. Device payment plans may be listed generically as “device payment X of 24”.

How to Check Your Reimbursement Status Online:

Once you have switched to T-Mobile and submitted the reimbursement information, you can check the reimbursement status:

1. Visit www.switch2tmobile.com to enter the Switching Cost Reimbursement website.

2. Enter your contact information or phone number and zip/postal code or tracking number.

3. Click “CHECK STATUS” button to begin checking.

If you have any questions about your reimbursement, you can call 1-800-937-8997.

About T-Mobile:

T-Mobile USA is the third largest wireless network operator based in the United States of T-Mobile International AG, mainly providing wireless voice, messaging, and data services. Founded in 1994 by John W. Stanton, T-Mobile USA now serves more than 61.2 million customers and its national network reaches 98 percent of Americans, with over 45,000 employees.