Enter Cabana Survey to Get a Reward Offer

If you visited Taco Cabana recently, you can go to www.CabanaCares.com now to participate in the Taco Cabana Customer Satisfaction Survey to receive a reward offer for your next visit.

How to enter the survey:

Go to the survey website link, select your language (English or Spanish) and click on the “Next” button to begin the survey.

Then you’ll be asked to enter the 20 or 21 digit I.D. code found at the bottom of your recent Taco Cabana receipt. Just enter it rightly and follow the instructions to answer the survey questions regarding your dining experience.

At the end of the survey, you’ll receive a reward offer as an appreciation.

Click here to enter the survey now!

Please note: It will take you about five minutes to complete. You may only complete one survey within 7 days.

About Taco Cabana:

Taco Cabana is a chain of Mexican food restaurants that provide Tacos, Burritos, Bowls, Beans, Chicken and more. Now there are more than 150 Taco Cabana locations in the United States.

One comment

  • Went this morning to Taco Cabana on 4622 Rittiman Rd, ordered 2 beef fajita tacos, I clearly asked them 2 guys if they had fajitas, they said yes, they gave me all the little pieces of meat & burned, still very upset, but If you can please teach your employees what fajitas are, I will not visit the particular store no more, bad service on tacos. Employee: 117535 Name Isaiah