Enter CVS Survey to Win a $1,000 Cash Prize

Did you visit your local CVS/pharmacy store and make a purchase recently? If yes, you might have seen the survey invitation on your sale receipt. Now just open the one of these website links: www.CVSSurvey.com, www.CVSSurvey.com/sss or www.CVSSurvey.com/ff, you can participate in the survey and leave your own feedback about your CVS experience. Upon completion of the survey, you could receive a chance to win a $1,000 cash or one of 200 $10 cash.

How to complete the survey?

First, open the survey link shown on your receipt and select your preferred language to continue.

Second, locate the 17-digit Survey ID number from your survey invitation. Enter it to start your process.

Third, answer the survey questions one by one. You can rate the products, services and leave your comments and suggestions.

Fourth, submit your personal and contact information to receive your entry of the customer sweepstakes.

Start the survey now!

Please note:

You must be a legal resident of the United States who are aged 18 or older to enter & win. Limit one entry per person per receipt.

See more rules at www.CVSSurvey.com!

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    My husband and I have been regular customers of CVS for many many years.
    The staff are wonderful, almost like family. They notify us when our medications
    are ready to pick up. The service is excellent!

    I recommend CVS to everyone, family and friends!

  • i am very disappoited in my latest scrip refill your price on my predisone refill on 3-21-16 was doubled from my previous order from target drugs I think your company sucks you need to reevaluate the salaries ofyour top officials and reduce your drug pricesl

  • Claudius Noriega

    I have been a CVS customer for many years, the service I receive has always been excellent. The employees are also helpful in any questions that I may have, if I had to rate them from 1 to 10 being the highest they would get a 10. Thank you CVS.

  • My doctor gave me a coupon for Zetia that was ineffective. The pharmacist, Mr. Tran, told me how to find an effective one online. This reduced my cost from $368 for 90 pills to $60 for 30 pills, a savings of over 50%!!! Ask me if I’m happy with CVS and Mr. Tran!

  • I am a long time shopper with CVS. I get all my meds there because I like the staff and how helpful and friendly everyone is. However, I decided to take the survey and found that there was one big error.
    According to your rules, you are to put in the survey ID number under the invite and put in the 17 digit number. Only the survey ID# was not under that but in the middle of the receipt and it was only 16 numbers. So is it rigged or what? Not fair to all your customers now is it. Makes me wonder if the company is reliable.

  • The Pharmacy staff are always willing to help, the store staff are very friendly and helpful.

  • Had good cust serv

  • I live close by and your employee’s know me by name,which I don’t mind at all, makes me feel like family .

  • todo esta vien buen servicio buena calidad de productos

  • todo estavvien buen servicio muchas ofertas muchos cupones para aorrar

  • Good offers and savings and Good customer service.

  • On 4/8/16 I got my first refill for my prescription since CVS acquired Target Pharmacy. What are you thinking!!
    First, the printing on the bottle label is so light, that it is hard to read. It took me 15 minutes to even find the drug manufacturer because the printing was light and sooo small! Target’s labels were clear and easy to read.

    Second, when I looked at the drug information sheet that was given with the prescription, again, the printing was very light and small. Don’t you people realize that this information is for my benefit, but what good is it if I can’t read it? I am 68 1/2 years old and have new glasses (and still work as a bookkeeper, by the way), so it is not my poor eyesight that is the problem. I should not have to use a magnifying glass to read the important information about the drugs I am taking!

    Third, Target’s bottles were unique. They were colored for each person in the household (great idea!!) and they
    were and odd shape. Guess what, if it was knocked over, it didn’t roll around and onto the counter or floor to spill and scatter all the contents.

    My husband and I have been going to Target pharmacy for 5, or so, years now. Not any more. This will be my
    last prescription filled by CVS. Why would you try to fix what is not broken?

  • I love the staff that works at the target store in pleasant prairie. So of course cvs staff is awesome. I just had a script filled that I take monthly. Target price was 5 dollars and cvs price is 17.50 . That’s a huge increase.

  • i really need this

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  • This is a very blessed gift and I hope it is for me

  • Target and employees were great, they knew me . CVS employees are also great. My problem is the bottles you put pills in. The target bottles marked and easy to open for seniors. My husband is able to open it, if not I would have to go to a neighbor. Please stay with Targets pill bottles.

  • I love the cvs store inTarget Rocky Mount. Especially the employees. CVS did great
    when they kept the same employees. Stephanie is blessing to everyone she waits on.