Enter Firestone Survey to Win $500 in Free Services

If you’ve shopped at your local Firestone Complete Auto Care center recently and retain your sale receipt at hand, you can now go to the website www.firestonesurvey.com to enter the Firestone Customer Satisfaction Survey Promotion. Upon completion of the survey, you can have a chance to win $500 in free services at any of their locations.

How to enter the survey:

First, type the website url www.firestonesurvey.com in your web browser. Please make sure your computer have a internet access.

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Finally, you’ll get a redemption code for the discount offer or receive a entry of their customer survey prize draw.

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More about Firestone:

Firestone is a branch of Bridgestone Corporation, the world’s largest tire and rubber company. It provides new tires, vehicle maintenance & repair services for Batteries, brakes, oil change, alignment and engine.

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  • Recently had my Toyota Rav 4 serviced at the Firestone on Lapalco Blvd Gretna La. The Service advisor Nicholas really helped me out with getting my vehicle taking care of promptly, even though it was late in the day and that I could see that they were short handed at that time. Thanks again for you help.

  • My Story began on Saturday May 28th 2016 on my way to the second game in the Needham Soccer tournament. 2 soccer moms and 3 soccer girls in a Lexus vs. Massachusetts jagged curb. Jagged curb won 2-0! Lol
    (Note-never, EVER, get close to a curb in Massachusetts especially over Memorial Day weekend in 97 degree heat (however- if you do- do it at 15 Walnut Street with the waterfall and shaded picnic table and if Firestone is open!!!)!!!!!
    1 awesome soccer dad and his 2 daughters (fellow soccer girl) helped and hung out with us until our “story worthy” AAA tow truck driver arrived.
    We were originally being towed to Sullivan’s who by the way does not have tires at their place- they need to order them . I was told I would be “able to have tires put on my car on Tuesday May 31st- It was Memorial Day after all Ma’am”.
    I immediately called AAA after calling Firestone and told them I wanted to be towed there. The wonderful men at Firestone in West Roxbury Massachusetts (Especially Joe Toscono Store Manager and Endris) were the friendliest, most helpful men that I have ever dealt with (getting tires is not usually my job).
    They realized that we were soccer moms trying to get to a tournament and worked tirelessly on my car (pit crew style to put my tires on 1 man for every tire) in order to get us there. Everyone was absolutely amazing and sweating as it was 97degrees outside. Even the store manager!!!!!
    Less than one hour later- I had 4 brand new tires and was off to the tournament.
    I highly recommend this store and; GUYS, if I am ever in West Roxbury again- I will come visit!!!!
    Thank you Thank you THANK YOU

  • Sorry to be negative about my problem but recently I had a problem with my chrysler sebring here in Warwick ri power window wasn’t working after I install a power regulator motor window still not working so took the car there hoping its a easy fix car was there 6 to 7 hours on the parking lot got there they were working on the car front desk guy sad it’s going to take 2 to 3 hours to fix So I sat there for 3 to 7 minutes car was done one guy told me 3 wire was broke another told me 4 wire was broke cost me 163.00 yes 163.00 that is crasy never again I will tell my story to friends family and strangers

  • Firestone lived up to the battery warranty and replaced it n/c-tyvm

  • Rick McCullough

    I usual get great service at firestone in chandler az. NOT this time I took my Nissan Altima in for a oil change and check my a/c and tires come to find out I need a new compressor, tires AND a new battery. so I decided to get ALL of that done for about $1900. I had to leave the car over night and pick it up on Sunday because they had to order the a/c compressor that was ok, so they can get everything done all in one day. come to find out Sunday afternoon they got the wrong compressor and I would have to bring it back later to fix my a/c problem I live 30 min from there so not right around the corner no problem I guess things happen. so I paid for the oil change, new tires AND a new battery. 30 min later I get home and check out my car and find out I paid $140 for a new battery that they NEVER put in the car BIG problem I expect what I pay for in service to be DONE. Maybe they were hoping I would not notice it. NOT good NOT good at all. I have gone to that store for a LONG time I guess its time for a change

  • Recently, I had taken my car into the Firestone store to have a screw taken out of my tire to get it repaired. As it turned out it was not repairable. The tech. that had check it was very nice and I had the feeling that he was honest. My complaint is with the sales department. The salesperson told me that the other tires on the car was getting shabby and should me replace soon. The choice of my getting the tires was mine, but I was getting a vibe that from the salesperson that I should do it now. Later, I was informed that the tires that was taken off my car was in good shape and with the fact that I do not drive very much, the tires would have lasted me quiet a while. With this experience, it will be very hard for me to trust salespeople again anywhere. I am a senior citizen living on a set amount of money. The technician that help me was very nice, no complaints with him.

  • this was my worst experince I have ever had in getting a oil change THE drivers side floor mat were full of grease they tried to clan off some of it but did not do a good job. I took the vehicle home and spent 45 minutes trying to clean it up. after doing business I will find a new plACE TO DO MY WORK

  • I have been a loyal customer at the Westside Olympia Washington firestone for a good amount of time and have spent a couple thousand dollars there on my vehicle.I’m so disappointed with the change I’ve seen there.even with a weeks advance for my oil change and showing up early the service advisor told me only one person there could do that and it would take a couple hours minimum…really?they are understaffed and overbooked…piss poor service if you ask me…I’m looking for another mechanic currently…guess loyality to a company and spending my hard earned money dosnt get service there.very dissapointed.

  • I just wanted to give a shout out to Bunny at the Firestone near Springfield Mall in Springfield, VA. She really averted a very bad experience and turned it into a positive one which made me a Firestone customer for life. I brought my car in for service one Saturday and left it……When I returned to pick it up, I notice that my car had been left in the AC mode with the battery light on. I was then told that the work was not done on my car because they could not start it…..I found that to be strange because I had a less than 2 year old Die-Hard Platinum battery with very high cranking power and the previous battery lasted 6 years…..They jumped my car and I went home. I returned so that the work could be completed. I got in my car to go home and I could not start the car. I explained to Bunny what happened and she provided me with the best customer service I have ever had with anyone. She replaced my battery and sent me on my way……After spending over $1,200.00 for service over a 3 day span, Bunny gave me one less thing to be upset about and that really made my day……She deserves a big raise and I, for one, appreciates her outstanding customer service!!!!