Enter Mcdonald’s Canada Survey and Get a Reward Coupon

If you have been invited to participate in The Mcdonalds Canada Customer Satisfaction Survey, just go to the website www.Mcdonalds-survey.ca and follow the instructions to leave your own comments about them. Once you complete the survey, you’ll receive a reward offer for your next purchase.

How to enter the survey:

First of all, open the survey website www.Mcdonalds-survey.ca in your web browser and select your preferred language to continue.

Then provide the Restaurant Number from your Mcdonalds receipt to start the survey.

Next, you need to answer several questions regarding your dining experience. You can rate their food quality, customer service, restaurant ambience, and more and leave your own opinion and advice.

Finally, you’ll be given a validation code. Just write the code on your receipt immediately and take it to the Mcdonalds next time, so you can redeem the offer shown on your receipt.

Click here to enter Mcdonalds Survey now!

Please note: One receipt can be used to redeem one offer per 30 days.

Fore more details, please visit www.Mcdonalds-survey.ca!

How to get more Mcdonald’s Canada coupons:

To save your money, you can visit the website www.Mcdonalds.ca and join their email list. Then you can get their latest special offers and promotions in first time. And You could also have a chance to win a $100 Mcdonald’s Card.


  • I want to free drinks and breakfast

  • Hi, Sorry a little disapointed on tuesday at store 29036 when we orderd three times and still wrong , Asked for the beef and got some chicken thing and the summer drinks and was told to go to your regular pop????SALE # 11n5nk133m One might need some training. Thanks Rod

  • I work downtown and go to the city place mcdonalds, well actually I don’t because no matter how cheap you make your coffee, the service is extremely slow by the time I have my order my coffee break almost done.

    how slow? my friend and I had a “race”. there were about 20 people ahead of us lined up at tim hortons, so just for the heck of it, I went to Mcdonald to get my coffee, by the time I got there, a lady was ahead of me.

    I got my coffee just a little ahead of my friend. imagine being behind about 20 people and the time differential between getting our order was negligible. it is not acceptable to be that slow and to think that you guys were supposed to be in the FAST FOOD business.

    we had a feeling that you guys are slow but what happened that day just proved the point. 7 people working on your store and there were 5 at tim hortons and they are still faster… WOW!!!!

  • Gladys Graboweski

    Hi ,I have a concern ! June 26th ,Store no.40161 ,ordered 2 meals ,one being the Summer Chicken Crisp ! The bun was not toasted… it was burnt ! Okay , so things were overlooked ! Everyone that joined us ,told me to take it back ,so I did ! Response was ,’ All of the buns are coming out that way ,I could try , but….” I responded with don’t worry about it ,ate the chicken meat ,everything else was stuck to the bun which was like concrete ! ! Really ,what if I had 5 kids ,or my grandchildren ? That’s the response ..wow ! I am wondering what happened to “Hi Welcome to Mc Donalds ,how can I help you ! “

  • Jack Mac Master

    Your Coffee is great and also love the Mcdoubles

  • I do really disappointed on Monday June 28,2016 12:12:09 at Kingsway and Victoria V5N2T2 store #1903 (?) the receipt didn’t print clearly no ink .

    I order 2 big mac meal , the fries was so burned and hard and is not hot .

    I try to convince my self and my friend to eat again at Macdonald because I told my self that I never been come back to MacDonald after I had a bad experience most of the time any outlet and I don’t do any negative complain. , but I guess this is the right time to address the problem of Macdonald . This time I want to help and give feed back .
    After we watch the Movie at Metro Town obviously we are hungry on that night . I m sorry to tell but it’s true I don’t see the quality of Macdonald before :(
    This time I don’t pass , Every time I go to Macdonald I don’t see any quality of food and great service either the pries small the burger dry and the topping’s everywhere . I don’t see the standard quality service. So that’s why I am here to address. I m really concerned and also some location was so stink smell like near Stadium sky train (don’t know the street) . I guess the Manager need to orient all the supervisor and Crew . Everyone need to know if you work at FOOD INDUSTRY what is the Value of Customer Service and The Standard of quality service and most the quality of food you serve. I am not complaining but you should take a look and visit sometime your store. People working inside the store wasn’t training . I don’t go to far but my really concern is YOU SERVE THE FOOD.

  • I like the music , coffee is ok , food ok for fast food .

  • Hello the service at McDonalds at Pickering Trade center 1899 Brock RD.Is the best service Monday to Friday the lady that works there her name Shamela shes the team leader no line up amazing job she do .but weekends slownot orgnised.