Enter Burger King Survey to Get a Reward Coupon

Burger King is partnered with Service Management Group company to launch a online customer survey online at www.MyBKExperience.com. By visiting the website and completing a short survey, you can receive a reward coupon for your next in-store purchase.

How to take the survey and get your reward coupon:

To enter the survey,you should have a recent Burger King receipt at hand as it will require you to provide the restaurant number. If you have one, follow these steps:

Step 1: Find out the restaurant number on the front of your receipt.

Step 2: Go to the survey website www.MyBKExperience.com and enter the number correctly.

Step 3: Answer the survey questions one by one. Your answers will help them to improve so don’t be hesitated to tell your true thoughts.

Step 4: You’ll be given a validation code at the final page. Just write it down on your receipt and bring it to your local BK restaurant next time, so that you can redeem the discount offer shown your receipt. Sometimes it may be a free sandwich with your purchase of large drink and fries.

Click here to take the survey now!

If you would like to get more Burger King coupon and offers, just go to this website link http://www.bk.com/offers often. Here you can learn the latest BK promotions and special offers in first time.


  • I tried the new cheese fries. They were “luke warm” and had a mealy texture. I will not buy them again, especially at $2.99. I tried to come back to bk but Steak and Shake and Wendy’s have a better taste and prices.
    Rolf Wicksell, Rockford Il.

  • I tried the new chetos but they were warm and mealy. Stake & Shake and Wendys have a better taste and PRICES

  • Kathleen Capilli

    I love bk woppers!! The bk in Bellmawr, NJ always get my order correct and the people are very friendly. Thumbs up!👍👌

  • Kathleen Capilli

    Thumbs up bk!👍👍👌. Love the wopper sandwiches!

  • Kathleen Capilli

    Thumb up bk in bellmawr,nj.👍👍👌 employees are curious and friendly. Never had a bad experience there. Love woppers!!

    • Kathleen Capilli

      Thumbs up for the bk in bellmawr, nj.👍👍👌. I’ve never had a bad experience there. Love the woppers sandwiches!!

  • Kathleen Capilli

    I did!!!!

  • Kathleen Capilli

    I did!! 5 times!!

  • quick service ,great food.

  • Bob Pierce Danville ILL ,

    store7880 TILTON ILL mess up order 3 times . order 2 for 5 cheeseburger 2 large drinks 14.70. wrong told the young lady . wrong refund . cold food . went back inside reorder . no myo. back out side wrong again . WILL NOT GO BACK . WE ATE THIER 3 TIMES A WEEK . NO MORE . YOUR SURVEY SUCKS

  • Thelma Tidmore

    I was at you BK #52980 on 7 /02/16 very disappointed with the service my meal my grandsons meal first off I ordered a child’s chicken fries meal with chocolate milk And I ordered a Fish sandwich with extra tarter sauce . My husband ordered a # 9 meal . He went up to counter to pick up order brought it back to table no chocolate milk got a large order of chicken fries and larger fries for grandson and I did not get tarter sauce on my sandwich went to get the milk and explain the meals were wrong she handed me the milk and ignored the rest of what I said she took the order she knew what I asked for the store was not busy about three customers in the whole place at the time. Feel like if Heather does not like her job or is unable to do her job then maybe she should not be doing her job. also on closing would also like to say the restroom smelled bad and the room it self was dirty .

  • Kathryn Ann Scott

    I just gotten ready for a interview with Burger King in Warren, MI. 48080 #52676 pm. I got there 40 minutes before the time to do the interview. When to the counter and gave the cashier my and told her whom I was scheduler to see for the interview and they had me setting there for 4 and half hours before they canceller the appointment and told me to come tomorrow at the same time at 6 pm. Again they did the same thing. Didn’t apologize or any thing.

  • Erlinda Laquindanum

    I love Burger king . Specially the General Manager(Leon Sturdivant) at 3003 High point Rd. , Greensboro , NC 27403.he takes good care his customer like they are his friend and a family member of Burger King. He give his hundred percent customer service expertise. I cannot ask for more .All employees are well trained because they have a good manager that train them to do the right thing. Heads up to this Burger King location . I highly recommend it to my friends and family .

  • gerry glasscock

    good service &good food

  • Miami, location #984
    I live in downtown Miami, but every time I’m close to this location I have to stop to get something. It is the BEST BK in town. Staff is courteous, the food is cook just right. CONGRATULATION!!!!

  • since when did taco bell start hiring drug dealers and felons in the Alma Mich store? Seems the store manager’s would do a background check on the employees handling money and limit employment to trust worthy persons. it’s a shame to visit this store for food with my family to see workers uniforms dirty and sloppy, just doesn’t look good for your management team. Unless improvements are made and this problem is handled, my friends and family shall never purchase another food item from any of your stores. we demand better service than were receiving from this store!

  • Was well taken care of by Kalaysia Owens on July 16th at 8pm.She was so pleasant and we really enjoyed our visit to the Burger King in Honea Path S.C. The food industry needs more people like her she just made you feel welcomed.

  • yesterday, 7-19-2016, we went to KFC to get some dinner. We ordered, I guess what is called the combo, and when we got to the window, I said that we had ordered the chicken breast, that said it had two sides,and a biscuit. She said, oh that is what is called the meal. So I said ok, we wanted 2-1 breast dinners, one with cole slaw, and macaroni and cheese, with the biscuit, and a drink, and the other with 1 breast, with macaroni and cheese, and the potato wedges, biscuit and a drink. Well, the thing was all messed up. What we got was for each one: 1 breast, cole slaw and potato wedges, and we never did get the macaroni and cheese, on either one, and one of them did not want cole slaw, and the other did not want the potato wedges. We were very disappointed in the whole deal.

  • Your advertisement regarding Hot Dogs is so tempting that I stopped and tryed them.
    Let me say that in no way is the hot dogs I received resemble the picture in the ad. I was given two skinny dogs( not the fat round ones in the ad) Condiments consisded of a spoonful of what I guess was chilli and a dab of mustard. To say I was disapointed would be an under
    statement. Try and live up to the ad and maybe I will try them again!!! Though I doubt It.

  • After seeing your ad regarding your hot dogs I was compelled to stop and try them. To say that I was disapointed would be an understatement. I was served two skinny dogs(not the plump ones shown in the ad) covered with what I guess was chilli and a dab of mustard and something green!!!!. If you are going to place an ad like that, try and live up to it.

  • On 7/24/16 I ordered 2 double cheeseburgers @ 1.69 each, 1 small order of fries @ 1.19 and 1 small drink @ 1.19 at BK02641/2011 E. Main Street. (order # 228 & Host = John) John added a 3.99 chicken sandwich and charged me 9.99 when the total minus the chicken sandwich should have been 6.25. He made a vocal scene of the issue and took back the receipt and called for the manager. The manager spent an embarrassing amount of time (I was in front of a line that had just got off a chartered bus) an handed me 2.05. How she could not just have given me the 3.99 plus tax was bewildering. I was embarrassed so I just took the wrong change and left as I reminded John the chicken sandwich overcharge was 3.99 and he said nothing about the 1.70 I was still short.
    I have always ranked Burger King as my favorite and stop in Des Moines, Topeka and Emporia very frequently. Something needs to be done about the unprofessional climate in this restaurant.