Enter KFC Experience Survey and Get a Reward Coupon

KFC is inviting all its customers to participate in The KFC Guest Satisfaction Survey online at www.Mykfcexperience.com. If you dined at KFC recently and would like to leave your feedback, just go to the website and follow the instructions to participate in the survey. Upon completion of the survey, you’ll receive a validation code as a reward that can be used to redeem a discount for your next purchase.

How to complete The KFC Customer Survey?

First of all, open the above provided survey website www.Mykfcexperience.com in your web browser. Then you need to provide the survey code located near the bottom of your KFC receipt and select the time of your visit. Once you provide them, click on the “Start” button to continue.

On the next page, you can start to answer the survey questions about your recent KFC experience. You can give your review and rating for the foods quality, customer services, restaurant environment, and tell your true thought about your experience.

The survey will take you a few minutes. At the end of the survey, you will receive a validation code. Write it on your original KFC receipt and bring it to your local KFC restaurant next time so that you can enjoy the discount offer.

Click here to start the survey!

Please note: The Offer is valid for a limited time. Once you get the code, redeem it as soon as possible. Limit one offer per receipt per person.

See more details from www.Mykfcexperience.com!

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  • had received a coupon good till 3/27/16 8 piece meal white and dark pieces $16.99 presented coupon with order on 3/22/16 on debit card trans #:31 batch#:23 merchant #2 ticket #3418 casher lisa. I was charged $21.79 for said 8 pc meal. was in question why this amount .are not cedar falls ,iowa kfc store not a participating kfc restaurant?

  • Billie G. Medved

    Today I ordered a dinner. I got only a breast and no thigh. Last week I ordered a dinner a breast and thigh. I got a
    thigh and a leg. Since I do not eat dark meat of the chicken, I did not have any to eat, I ate the sides and fed the
    chicken to my lucky dog. I know people make mistakes, but this is getting old.
    restaurant #J625137 Salem OH


  • Requested and paid for Crispy Tenders but got 3 dried out, greasy and very spicy hot chicken pieces. In fact, there was at least a tablespoon of grease in the bottom of the box. Too bad I didn’t eat there or I would’ve returned the whole thing. Ugh.

  • Last night I went into the Manassas KFC and ordered 2 steak tacos and when I got home and opened it up.. the bread was soooo hard, I couldn’t eat it…even the dog wouldn’t eat it and I gave him the meat.. and he walked away from it because the meat was so cold and burnt. IF KFC is going to sell food, it should be fresh and good enough for the dog to eat.

  • Got take out again got home had another incomplete meal no biscuit. I cannot figure out why this store cannot get a meal right. There was only 2 other customers in the store. Its never busy when I,m there. I have to quit going to this store.

  • I came on this site to enter a code t get a go cup the next visit to KFC and no where does it allow me to do that; it sent me to your stupid survey.

  • I was going to order two hard shell taco supreme and when I saw the $5 special, I changed my order. I’m glad I did. I made two meals out of it.

  • me and my wife en t the kfc in gardner ma and we got very bad service and wicked shitty food the tub the cole slaw was in was broken and all over everything and the taco where very nasty and when I called back the kid said I know which order I was talking about like they made it shitty on purpose its not hard to make tacos or chicken if you cant handle your job quit

  • Had a poor experience yesterday. Ordered the Chicken Little. Chicken was fair the bun however was stale and shriveled. I was given a survey code and when I went to take survey .. it said sorry can’t take your survey at this time.

    Really :( very sad

  • What a waste of time to get a free go cup . Pissed me off, now they have all this information about me, this SUCKS KFC, MAKES ME VERY ANGRY, JOKE, JOKE, SHAME ON YOU, THOUGHT YOU WERE A BETTER COMPANY THAN THIS.

  • No code for the free to go cup either,!

  • The chicken was not a gastronomical delight, it was really just awful!!! Thick chunks of coating, way overcooked and didn’t taste good. We each tried one piece and dumped the rest. The coleslaw is still very good. Do not send a coupon as it will not be used !
    Survey code:K9800850423164637 Ticket #4637

  • was extremely disappointed that you no longer get cole slaw with individual meals.Paid 5.99 for a one piece meal and had to go back and pay another 2.40 to get cole slaw.

  • I took my grandchildren to the store on Civic Ctr. Drive in Augusta,Maine. We had spent the day at the hospital,starting at 5:30a.m.,where their mother was having yet another surgery,due to a near fatal accident almost a year ago. The trip to get their favorite tacos was going to help de stress them. Instead we got tacos that barely had anything in them! There may have been about a tablespoon of meat and barely any lettuce. We also had to pay extra for a dab of sour cream and no utinsels to put it on the taco. Next time that want tacos I will make them at home! I can certainly prepare six for a lot less than $15.42! We decided that would be the last time we go there. We were throughly disappointed in the service and food.

  • My Experience at The KFC in Tulare was great! My cashier Joshua was very nice and Social with his customers.

  • Randolph Slaff

    Great service in a wonderfully clean eating area. Lana always knows my name. I welcoming attitude.