www.Rewardsbymail.com – Check Your Rebate Status Online

www.Rewardsbymail.com is a website owned by the rebate company Promotion Fulfillment Center (PFC).  If you received a rebate offer that asking you to check the status online at this website, it means that you’re take part in the rebate promotion managed by PFC. So to learn when you can get your rebate cash, just follow the instructions to use the online tracking tool.

How to check your rebate status:

First, open the above mentioned website in a stand web browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome or Firefox). Then it will ask you to provide your Last Name, Address Number and Zip Code that you’ve provided on your rebate form. After you enter all the required information, click on the “Track” number, then you’ll see your rebate status result.

Click here to track your rebate now!

Please note: Your rebate is required for 6-8 weeks for processing. You can start to track your rebate 1-2 weeks after you submitted your rebate form. The system is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you can check out the website to track your rebate any time you want.

Valid for these rebates:

Ancient Age bourbon rebate,  Nostalgia Popcorn Machine rebate, Nostalgia Ice Cream Maker rebate, AutoZone rebate, Aluminum Round Grill Pan rebate, Bosch Spark Plug rebate, iBiquity Digital rebate, Hoyt rebate, and much more.

Need more help, just call PFC Customer phone number at (563) 259-0100!