Tell GameStop & Win a $100 GameStop Gift Card

If you have a recent EB Games or GameStop receipt, you can go to the website to take part in The TellGameStop Sweepstakes for your chance to win a $100 EB Games or GameStop Gift Card.


How to enter & win:

First, find the Associate Number and Feedback Number on your receipt. Then enter the website link in your web browser and select your preferred language to continue. On the next page, you need to provide the Associate number and Feedback number to start the survey.

Second, answer the survey questions regarding your store experience, such as:

How friendly and courteous was the associate who helped you?

How would you rate your checkout experience?

Were you satisfied with the items that you purchased?

And so on…

Once the survey is completed, complete the registration page with your name, address, phone number and email address and click on the “submit” button and you will automatically receive one entry of the sweepstakes.

Enter the survey right now!

TellGameStop Sweepstakes Rules:

There are twenty-five winners every month. Each winner will receive a one hundred dollar ($100) EB Games/GameStop Gift Card as a reward. Limit one entry per receipt per person.

The sweepstakes open only to legal residents of the 50 United States, District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, who are above the age of majority in the state or territory in which they reside at the time of entry.

If you live in Canada, please visit to complete the survey!

Click here for more official rules


  • michael salinas


  • Someday I would love to be a video game tester

  • I would take these games to the next level

  • as always great friendly service

  • Julie D. Swanson

    we went to our local Game stop and Tyrell 341032 was the most helpful My stepson had his mind set on a Mindcraft torch and the store was out. They were expecting a shipment in the next week. Well I called and Tyrell told me that they were in. I took my stepson in after work and Tyrell had put 2 in the back for us. He is a very intuitive young man and doing a good job. Thank you

  • i have been going to the same gamestop for 6 years a power up pro member for 3 and i love the people who work there thats why i go there and over the years its been quit a few,now today made me want to never go back i dont know the kids name but he has red hair and is a jerk( 3/20/16 3:30pm, in the middle of a transaction(i was trading in a game)after checking my I.D hands me my stuff interrupts me and tells me this transaction is over,so i grab a new game and stand at the counter for about 5 minutes while he goes threw every DS game he likes and shows his tats to a guy that just wants to brows games and be left alone all the time looking at me waiting finally he comes over and tells me the new game i want there is only one copy left and it was open but still the cost of a new game and that would have been fine but i took a look 1st and it had his big old thumb print on it so i said no thanks,i can tell when someone is being a jerk just to be a jerk and he was he makes me want to find a new store i was very insulted and shocked because everyone there is so good at there job and nice but not this guy he was a total jerk

  • gamestop is good to buy great games

  • gamestop is good to buy good games and phones

  • i really enjoy your store and the people that work for you they are very kind and helpful

  • My son always gets treated very well when I take him to game stop in Defiance, Ohio..


  • GameStop-Mattoon, IL Brian made it easy for my son to get started! Thank YOU for your dedication and for going the extra mile to help my son advance to bigger adventures.

  • I went to GameStop and had some problems with the dual shock 4 controllers and the manager on duty Donyell was extremely helpful. Donyell solved my problem very quickly. And said if I had any problems at all with the product he sold me to bring it back for a full refund or a new product. They go above and beyond to help the customer.

  • I find the service is great and friendly if you love fnaf drop by its just so COOL!!!!

  • Never go anywhere else but here it’s so cool that they have fnaf mine craft and everything from fallout to fnaf

  • This game stop was awesome I say and I bought a few then I saw the deal and I was like cool so I was going to get the pretense but the guy said it was too late to do it but still let me any way so that was nice and what could of been like 40$ was like 26 it was great like that game stop I saved a lot of 💰 so that was a great experience love that gamestop more people should go there

  • my daughter learned how to read starting with directions I willalways thanks to gamestop thankyou

  • Jamie that works at the game stop in Collingdale PA was so GREAT we went there to get a ps3 game and we walk out with a Xbox one. Also the service was great