Tell Subway and Get a Survey Reward Offer

Do you often visit Subway? Do you have any comments about their food and services? If yes, don’t hesitate to tell Subway. Subway is now launching a short online customer survey to hear from you. Just go to the website, you can leave your feedback about your recent Subway experience and as a reward you’ll receive a coupon code for a free cookie for your next in-store purchase.

How to complete the Subway survey:

To start the survey, you should know the Store Number of a Subway Restaurant you’ve visited. You can find it on the top or bottom of your recent sale receipt. Please note: The receipt must be with in 30 days of your purchase to enter it.

Once you get the Store Number, open the website directly in your web browser and enter the code correctly, then click the “Submit” button to continue.

On the next page, you need to follow the instructions to answer the survey questions one by one. It will take you only 1-2 minutes to complete all of them.

At the end of the survey, you will be given a validation code. Write the unique coupon code on your receipt and bring it to the Subway restaurant next time, so you can redeem it as a free cookie.

Click here to start the survey!

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  • I tried the bbq pulled pork sub. it was very good. It made up for the host . I don’t think he really wanted to be there. He wasn’t very helpful when I asked questions pertaining to my order.

  • the worse site a zillion pop ups that never get you to a simple site way to crazy !!!!!!!!!!!!! B

  • I can’t find the survey for a free cookies

  • I loved the services. The sandwich was awesome it was the best sandwich I’ve had in a long time. I want a cookie for this comment I love it.

  • I went to store 31436-0 I got the club and my friend got the meatballs Both were great.

  • ernest p coltrain

    this website is the worst one i have ever seen. why a cheap cookie for a site you cant git on. one minute survey maybe but takes 1//2 hour to git on it and thats only part of the problem. i want a free 6 inch sub for the hassle.

  • We eat at Subway once a week and its always fresh.

  • Just wanted to say that Krystal does such a great job, she is always so friendly and she really knows how to make really good sandwiches and salads. Everyone at work enjoyed their meal. Thank you Krystal, keep up the great work.

  • I just wanted to say Subway needs to retrain there servers on customer service and give suggestions to there products they are selling. Not talk about there personal life in front of the customer and wear the appropriate clothing with the logo on it and name tag would be nice. As my server today was in street clothes with short shorts on, how unappealing is that. (Carroll store # 7146-0)


  • I enjoy my food like usual. I really wish subway in phoenix az was kosher. store number 24754

  • its not worth the hassel to get a free cookie
    you can keep it