Enter Walkers Spell & Go Promotion to Win a Holiday

Are you a lover of Walkers Crisps? Would you like to win a free holiday trip in this summer? Walkers is now giving away at least 20,000 Holiday Prizes through the Spell & Go Promotion online at www.walkers.co.uk/spellandgo. Just collect letters from special Walkers packs and spell destinations, you could have a chance to win a 4 star, 7 night holiday for 4 people.

How to enter & win:

First of all, you need to buy a Promotional Pack of Walkers Crisps and find the 12 digit unique code starting with WH.

Then go to the promotion website www.walkers.co.uk/spellandgo, click on the “Start Collecting” button.

On the next page, you need to login your walkers.co.uk account & enter the code you’ve got. If you don’t have an account, just click the registration link to create one or you can login with your Facebook or Twitter account.

After you enter the unique code, you will be provided with a letter. Each individual pack will give you one letter. More codes you enter, more letters you get. Your letters will be stored in your account. Limit a maximum of 5 unique codes may be submitted per person per day.

If you spell out one of the following destinations in full will win a holiday to that destination:

Group A:

Bangkok, Hong Kong, Kerala, Koh Samui, Krabi, Kuala Lumpur, Kuta (Bali), Marrakech, New York, Osaka, Phuket, Sri Lanka, Tokyo

Group B:

Amsterdam, Barcelona, Bordeaux, Budapest, Corfu, Crete, Cyprus, Florence, Funchal
Gran Canaria, Majorca, Munich, Nice

Click here to enter & play now!

Important T&C’s:

This Promotion is open to residents of United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, Channel Islands and Isle of Man aged 18 or over.

You must submit your codes before 23.59 GMT on 31st July 2016 to win the holiday trip prizes. There will also be a Late Prize Draw for entries received after 31st July 2016 and before 30th September 2016.

You’ll also be allowed to swap up to 5 letters throughout the promotion if you have a letter you don’t need.

Please retain your promotional packaging as it may be required for verification in the event of a win.

The Holiday Prize includes 7 night’s accommodation, based on two double rooms occupancy for the entire party (max 4 people) in a 4 category hotel.

Learn more T&C’s from www.walkers.co.uk/spellandgo!

If you would like to swap your letters with others, leave your comments below!


  • I. Have got over 80 swops, BUT like everyone else I need c,d and k, can anyone who has won, please let the rest of us know. Holiday promotion packs are now difficult to get hold of in my local supermarkets, with 5 weeks to go. I would have loved to win a holiday but I,m not packing my case just yet. Still not convinced the scarce letters were in the mix from the beginning. Well I,m off to Rome, sorry that’s roam around our back garden. Come on winners let’s hear from you.

    • l need exactly same letters as you need for ages,dont think their even in the mix

    • There are NO C<D or K's and that is obvious because if you look at the holidays on offer they all need at least a K for the exotic holidays. I and at least 50 of my friends are looking for the same letters with no joy. and I have entered over 200 codes.

    • carol corniguel

      I need the same as do loads of friends and colleagues, its a scam for sure. They probably just put one of each letter and will say nobody claimed. Shame on them.

    • I also need the same letters as you don’t think they are there

  • we are excited to do it and my freind is going to the holiday too

  • Michael mcmahon

    I found a bag in a multipack with no code on where the code should be its blank

  • A big fix. Walkers have no intention of giving away many holidays. It would bankrupt them if they put in as many C D K as the other letters! I am convinced that they will send out those letters right at the end. Probably ten of each!!!

  • A complete con, I’m like the rest, those letters don’t exist.

  • A complete con, those letters don’t exist.

  • I agree. Let’s hear it from the winners.

  • The winners will be a fabrication, they won’t exist unless it is someone who lives near you or a friend..

  • I will never buy another product made by Walkers. I agree with the observations of all the other reviewers. A complete and utter con. No C D or K after entering so many codes.

  • When a number is not accepted for whatever reason, even though you have been careful to ensure that you input the correct code, why oh why does it ask you to click in the box to show that you are human. It then does not accept the code anyway. Is there a system in place that says damn it that is a letter they need, but they have not entered enough codes so lets just say try again and then it is not accepted. Dear Mr Walker sir you really are taking the Michael out of us consumers with this one. Sachets in packets not one has crossed my path in the 200 plus that I have purchased and opened. I think that Rip Off Britain will be getting a phone call very soon. Thank you

  • This is amazing

  • This is amazing I am so happy I’m doing this.
    Yes assess assesses assess.🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞

  • i HAVE EVERY LETTER EXCEPT THOSE SIGNIFICANT LETTERS “C” “D” AND “K”. Have over 80 extra letters. Has anyone won any of the 20,000 holidays or will they be out out at the end. The packets are fading fast from the shops. Good luck to you all.


  • Yes same here .. C D K. When I worked in Catering they would let the final winning codes out in the last week .. But how do we know where the stock will go ?? Possible randomly around the country. I set up another account so could swop with my daughter to get around the swopping but … Yes we all controlled , but the crisps are worth eating YUM YUM X

  • I quiet agree it is a con I need C, D and K just like everybody, I can’t find any more packets of crisps for the holiday, O well it was worth a try