Wednesday, April 23, 2014 - Enter to Get a McDonald's BOGO Coupon

McDonald's is giving back to all the customers now! Just go to the website and follow the instructions to take part in the McDonald's Customer Satisfaction Survey, then you'll get a BOGO coupon for Quarter Pounder w/ Cheese or Egg Mcmuffin.

How to enter & get the coupon: 

First, type the website url  in your web browser and enter the required information found on your recent receipt.  Then follow the instructions to answer all the questions they provided. Once you complete the survey, you'll receive a validation code that can be used to redeem the offer shown on your receipt.

Please note: The original receipt must be presented with the given validation code at time of purchase to receive the discount offer.

For Canadian residents, please visit to enter the survey and get your discount.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Chase Savings Account Bonus Coupon Codes 2014

Savings account is a necessity for people. Now I will talk about why should you choose Chase. As one of the largest and most famous bank in the United States, Chase bank has strong financial ability and a very good reputation, which are both important to a financial institution. The branches are all around the nation, not mention the countless ATMs, and thus making it convenient for the customers. The Chase savings account offers you exclusive benefits besides the basic functions. I can’t find a reason to say no to it.

If you would like to open a Chase Savings Account, don't miss these bonus coupon codes I collected for you.

Chase Savings Account Bonus codes from eBay - Includes $125, $150 and $200 in bonus.

Open a Chase Savings Account Get $125 or More for Free - Sources from

4430361599151750 - Use this code to enjoy a free $125 bonus.

4568982727634297 - Receive $150 bonus if you create a new account.

4483005816668431 - $100 bonus for your new savings account.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Chase Checking Account Bonus Coupon Codes 2014

Chase Checking Account is one of the best tools to pay your checks. It comes with FREE Chase Debit Card, FREE Online Banking and Mobile Banking, FREE Account Alerts and FREE access to all the Chase ATMs and branches nationwide.

If you would like to open a Chase Checking Account, just use following bonus coupon codes and offers to save your money.

Chase Checking Account $150 Bonus - Follow this link and enter your email address to receive your exclusive coupon code via email. Then open a qualifying Chase checking account using your promotional code. You'll get a $150 cash bonus if you set up a direct deposit to this account within 60 days. This offer is available for anyone.

Chase Checking bonus coupons on - $150, $200 and $300 bonus for about $15 only.

4577223945719617 - Open your checking account and set up direct deposit to get $125 bonus.

DT22962624DJ3FA7 - Open a new Chase Total Checking account and get $200 bonus. Limited time offer. - Enter to Win a Free Pair of Adidas Shoes is the online place to enter Adidas Group  Customer Satisfaction Survey. If you visited an Adidas Group store (Adidas, Reebok, or Rockport) recently, you can now go to the website to enter the survey and receive a chance to win a free pair of Adidas, Reebok, or Rockport shoes.

How to enter &win:

To start, you should a recent Adidas, Reebok, or Rockport register receipt at hand. Then visit the above provided link and enter the required information to enter the survey process. Just answer the survey questions honestly. Your answer will not affect your eligible to win. Upon completion of the survey, you will be invited to enter your personal contact information (Name, Mailing address, Telephone number, email) to receive one sweepstakes entry.

Click here to enter now!

Sweepstakes Prizes:

Each winner will receive his or her choice of one pair of shoes from the store brand Adidas, Reebok, or Rockport. A total of 240 Prizes will be awarded.

You must be a legal resident of U.S., Puerto Rico, or Canada who are 18 or older to enter & win.

Learn more rules from - Activate Merck Coupon Card Online

If you have received a Merck coupon card, you can go to activate it online at before you start using it.

How to activate the card:

Just open the website in your web browser, enter your Coupon ID Number and group Number from your Merck Savings card. Then you need to answer several questions to activate your card.

What is a Merck Coupon Card?

It can help the disease people reduce the costs on medicines and vaccines provided by Merck Company. If you have been prescribed a Merck medicine, you may be eligible for the program. You can click here to view the eligibility.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014 - Enter to Win a $500 Sobeys Gift Card

If you would like to save money for your next Sobeys store purchase, you can now go to to enter the Sobeys Guest Satisfaction Survey with your recent Harris Teeter receipt. Once you complete the survey, you could have a chance to win a $500 Sobeys Gift Card.

How to enter & win:

To enter survey, you should provide the store number shown on the bottom of your receipt. Then follow the instructions to answer all the survey questions one by one. At the end of the survey, you'll be asked to provide your personal details to receive your entry to the customer survey contest.

Click here to enter the survey now!

Please note: You must be legal age to enter & win. 

Monday, April 14, 2014 - Enter to Get 20% OFF KFC Voucher

Did you visit KFC recently? Do you have the sale receipt at hand? If yes, just go to the website to take part in the KFC UK Customer survey, then you can receive a reward voucher for 20% off your next visit.

How to enter the survey:

Open the survey site, then provide the store number, order number, date and time of visit (you can find it from your KFC receipt) to continue. You need to answer all the survey questions they provide. At the end of the survey, you'll receive a validation code that can be used to redeem the 20% off offer. Just write it on your KFC receipt and take it to your local KFC restaurant to redeem it.

Click here to start the survey now!